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a public art project by Charlie Brouwer and the Community of Kingsport, TN

Sponsored by: City of Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts & Tennessee Arts Commission
September 25 - November 13, 2017

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Ladder Lender List

Although we list 243 lenders – many of those loaned multiple ladders. Most schools on our list loaned ladders made by multiple students (over 400 from one elementary school) and some businesses, organizations, and families loaned more than one ladder but chose to be listed under one name – so our actual number of ladder lenders was well over 1000!


Adrianne Gunter

Al & Frances Dryden

Alexander Ketron

Altrausa International

Ann & Ray Vachon


Appalachian Iron Works

Appalachian RC&D

Aquatic Center

Asia in Kingsport

Batara Family

Bays Mtn. Park

Bear & Gracie Joh

Berris / Hurd Family

Beth Estep

Betsy Cooper – BMA

Betsy Geiger

Beverly Davis

Blake Whitenack

Bonnie & Scott Macdonald

Braedyn Liner

Brenda White Wright – Fruit of the Spirit

Brian Cory Watson

Bruce & Betsy Shine

C.& S. Transit, Inc.

Cadence Finch

Caitlin Cole

Cameron Huff

Campbell Creek Farm – Jonesborough, TN

Carol Dixon

Carrier Family

Chase Jenkins

Chef’s Pizza

Cheryl Wyker

Childress Inc.

Chris Doran / Kathy Gilbert

Chrissy, Wesley, Olivia & Malia Idlette

City of Kingsport First Broad St. UMC Home Repair Partnership

Clinchfield St. Food City – 657

Colette George – BMA

Cora Cox Academy


DB Art & Design & Intro to Art Classes

DB Painting & Fiber Arts Classes

Darin & Paige Trent Family

David Geno

David Stevens

David, Wilma, & Jessi Odum

Dean Elendorf

Debbie Bell – Breast Cancer Survivors – Fight On!

Dee Dee & Dan Dietrich

Della & John Kivlighan

Dennis and Bobbie Phillips

Devon White

Dorothy & Fred Wallin

Doug & Beverly Neece

Dylan Jones

Ed & Sherry Estep

Elder Boehme

Elite Manufacturing & Professional Services

Ellie Brooks

Emilie Jackson

Emily Jones

FBUMC Global Missions

FL3TH3R Exhibit – Reece Museum

Farmer’s Market

Felicity & Adrian Cottrell

First Broad St. UMC Child Care Center

First Broad St. UMC Children & Student Ministries

First Broad St. Global Missions

First Broad St. UMC Local Missions

First Broad St. UMC Providence Medical Clinic, Friends in Need, Miles for Smiles

Freeman Family

GRC Construction

Gage Hensley

Gail & Tony Cole

George Price

God’s Living Room – Shades of Grace

Grace Macdonald

Greater Kingsport Family YMCA

H.L.I. (Harvest Laborers International)

Haley Bethanis

Heather Macdonald

Helen Baylor

Henry & Oliver

High Voltage

Hollie LaRue

Holly Czoka

Holston Habitat Restore

Honoring Bonnie Macdonald by Inquirers Class

Hunger First

Ian & Tina Faust

In Memory of Dick Taylor

In Memory of James Castle

In Memory of John Pannell

In honor of Cecil & Louise Nickles

In memory of Connie Taylor & 30 yrs. of ministry @ FBSUMC

Isaiah Shelton

Jabrea Johnson

Jackson Elementary

James and Crystal Phillips

Jeff & Cristi Fleming

Jefferson Elementary

Jennifer Phipps

Jim Cooper Family

Joe Begley – BMA

John & Cathie Faust

John Adams Elementary

John Clark - Mayor, BMA

Johnson Elementary School

Joshua Swanson

Joy Eastridge & Wesley

Joyce Curtis

Juanita Martin

K & S Communications

Karina Garcia

Kathy Hawk

Keaton & Paxton Campbell

Kent & Jennette Blazier


Ketron Family

Kingsport Art Guild

Kingsport Carousel

Kingsport Facilities Management

Kingsport Fire Dept.

Kingsport Model Train Project

Kingsport Police Dept.

Kingsport Senior Center

Kingsport Theatre Guild

Kingsport - Yei, South Sudan Partnership

Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts

Kitchen of Hope

Larry & Mary Foster

Lauren Church

Lauren Watson


Lincoln Elementary Students


Lisa Ferguson

Liza & Roy Harmon

Logan Greenway

Lucy & Joe Fleming

Lynn James

Margy Clark

Mark Fleury

Marlene Moody

Martha & Bob Funke

Mary Banks

Mason Andes

Matthew Durrett

McCoy’s Salvage Grocery

Meals on Wheels of Kingsport

Michaela Langford

Michael, Lisa & Emmy Williams

Mike McIntire – Vice Mayor, BMA

Miles Burdine

Miltie Claus

Morgan Tire Service Plus

Moser Family

Myra Danehy

Neil Smith

New Vision Group “Unity Makes A Community”

Oasis of Kingsport


Pam Robinson

Pat Ayers

Paul Sanders

Peggy Smith

Perdue Family

Poplar Grove Farms

Preston Woods

R. Daryel Anderson

Rachel Carroll

Reece Museum

Rhys, Rowan & Aubrey Bellamy

Richard Brown Family

Robert & Diana Snedeker

Robinson Middle School Woodworking and Art Clubs

Roy & Liza Harmon

Russ & Ann Parise

Russ Brogden

S.O.S. (Seeking our Savior)

Santa Milt

Seth Hale

Shades of Grace

Shannon M. Brown & Pets

Shannon Queen

Shawn Davis

Shepherd Center


Skye & Drew Hierwarter

Sobel Family

Southerland Construction

St. Dominic Catholic Church

St. Dominic Catholic School

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Stephen & Trida LaHair

Susan & Peter Lodal

Susan Grill

Suzie & Fred Mishkin

Symphony of the Mountains

Ted Walker

Terry & Gwen Fields

The Adlers – Warren, Jennifer & Pierce

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The Cook Family, Lafe, Heather, Piper

The Lanes – Sara & Anne

The Reid Family

Tucker Herald

Tue. & Wed. “Paint-in” group

Two Dads Café N Catering

Tyler Hilton

United Way of Greater Kingsport

Val Lyle

Valerie Joh

Wally & Debbie Blocker

Wayne & Judy Deere

Will Shewy

Yard Guys Landscaping




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