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a public art project by Charlie Brouwer and the Community of Kingsport, TN

Sponsored by: City of Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts & Tennessee Arts Commission
September 25 - November 13, 2017

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Quick Facts

- To learn how, when, & where to lend a ladder or to have one picked up - click here


- All kinds and sizes of ladders are needed - but stepstools, toy ladders, and creative ladders made of any material in any size are welcome.


- Lenders may personalize, or decorate their ladders and they may lend them in the name of someone or something they wish to memorialize.


- All ladders will be recorded, tagged to identify lenders, and owners will receive receipts.  If you do not want your ladder returned, it will be donated to Holston Habitat for Humanity.


- Lenders will be listed on a sign near the sculpture and on the project website - www.risetogetherkingsport.org


We need help with every part of the project from spreading the word to transporting and handling ladders, to helping with building.


Follow and share us at our Facebook page, encourage your friends, churches, schools - all your favorite parts of Rabun County to lend ladders.


Follow Charlie on Twitter @CharlieBrouwer


If you have questions or would like to get involved with the project,
please contact
BonnieMacdonald@KingsportTN.gov or call: 423.392.8414





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